Sunday, January 18, 2009

tilly: Closeted Rocker

In an alternate world, I think I would like to be wearing skinny jeans, tattered and torn Cons, a thin t-shirt with cropped bed-hair and be rocking with my band-mates in our bare New York apartment.

Unfortunately I have neither the musical talent nor the body of a rocker.  Notice how they all look the same.  That same near skin and bones with a straight lean torso and the stick-iest of legs.  This is the body prototype for all rockers, regardless of gender.  They also seem to have mastered their attitude.  Nonchalant and passionate.  There is attitude in holding the guitar, the microphone, playing the drums.

I’m not a Kings of Leon fan but their song Use Somebody gets to me.  I don’t know why.  Maybe, like Loren likes to remind, that my subconscious is very much alive and kicking.  I’ll admit it later.  If I care to find out.

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