Sunday, January 18, 2009

tilly: For the love of Louie

Hello, my name is Tilly and I am addicted to Louis Vuitton.

And I am here to defend the most recent WTF campaign from LV.

Madonna = Yes

Red Lace Panties = Yes

Bag = Yes, Yes, YES!!!

Ok, I may not like the yoga-esque pose that Madonna strikes but I certainly enjoy it.  It’s not the best  but that’s what I like it.  I mean Keith Richards?  Maybe not for me but still nonetheless the hotel room, the trunk, the musical background all worked very well hand in hand.

And yes, if I had the money, I would buy that bag in a heartbeat and love it to death!!!

Staying on the topic of campaigns, I’m swooning over the pictures of the recent Armani shots of Victoria Beckham.  She’s gorgeous!  Damn!  I’d have to say this, muchly shamefully, I want her body! 

I swoon.  And should probably add diet to that.

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