Thursday, January 29, 2009

Loren: My skin weeps for winter

Every summer, I start dreaming about winter. 
Every winter, I pray that it stays winter.
That adequately sums up how I feel about winter.
In an attempt to stave off my slow-internet-no-fashion-updates withdrawal symptoms, I started scanning through my pictures folder. Its a complete hodgepodge of pictures, and unless I saved it off netaporter, most of them weren't labelled properly. With my psyche screaming, I was reminded of why I didnt venture into my pictures folder very often. What a nightmare for someone who has been labelled as 'anal retentive' on more than one occasion. Affectionately. 
Curiously, the two folders that were labelled properly were from Luella. Her Fall 2008 rtw and Spring rtw, to be exact.
And they are exactly what I want to navigate my winter 2009 look towards. (Well, one look at least. My other look comes from Ungaro Pre Fall 2009, but that comes later.)
Geek chic with a girly flair.
I know, I know! I said that I was trying to move away from the girly ruffles, but what can I say when my pulse jumps erratically at the sight of pink? I have to say that when this collection came out, I felt enticed to try on a floral mini ruffles skirt despite the laughing in my head. Then, a month later I went to Singapore, and things changed. SINGAPORE RUINED IT FOR ME. 
They were everywhere. In every store. On every girl. Worn ugh!-ly on most of the girls. With kitten heels. With market slippers. Over jeans. Over pants. Over cargo pants. With frilly tops. With skanky tops. It was as if the population of teenage girls (and some middle aged aunties) had been taken over by mini-ruffle-skirt-wearing aliens. They took the quirky geek chic, and replaced it with cheapass skank by the dozen.
I felt unbearably sad. It was like being told that Yves Saint Laurent had died all over again. Or that the dry cleaners ruined one of my favourite dresses. I had a wide range of mini ruffled minis to choose from, the world was my oyster, but I couldn't pick the pearl because too many people had spat onto it. An amused friend told me that I should just buy one anyway, and not care about the others wearing it....but I'm sorry to say, that I am not made out of sterner stuff. To be browsing the skirt rack, with girls wearing different versions of the skirt next to me, was like proclaiming that I was one of them.
Uhhhhhh...chances are, no. They just saw others wearing this, noticed that the stores were suddenly carrying skirts like this, and bought them in bulk. So, in the end I did not buy any. I would have rather cut off my nose, than spoil my sense of individuality. It was just too ugly to see the cheap imitations, even worse to see the awful doppelgangers. 
However, by the time winter stomps around in May-June, I think people will have tossed the skirt to the back of the closets, which will make it safe for me to try the look. Finally. I want to wear it with a slouchy oversized sweater, bow tie, raybans and heels with scrunched up socks. Or is it too weird to have a 24 year old wearing stuff like that? Well, that has yet to stop me.
If I could, I would love to combine Luella with influences from Charles Anastase's Spring 2009 rtw collection. Though starkly different in theme, the vibe of the nonchalant, careless girl with brains who toots to her own tune and occasionally poisons the food of her rivals, is the same.

Oh, won't winter hurry and come already.

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