Thursday, January 29, 2009

Loren: In tall, in short

(While typing on the blog, Loren's mobile beeps. Its a message from Tilly.)

T: Why are you awake? (Its 6.30 a.m)
L: Dunno. Hungry, I think.
T: I don't like how you are always hungry.
L: Oh well. At least I don't feel fat anymore.
T: You were never fat to begin with.
L: Let's not get into that at the moment.
T: Ok. I love you.
L: Better than nobody. Hahahahahahahahaha.
T: Haha! You bitch!
L: Well you love this bitch, so you must be one too!
T: Yes. I'm the bigger bitch though.
L: No contest. Your boobs are like, 3/4 of your body.
T: Ok. New revelation, the size of boobs are directly proportionate to the bitchiness of the person.
L: Why my boob so small then?!
T: Food. You need food. Is this going anywhere?
L: Nope. Its going as round as your boobs. Ok. Save phone money. Laters.

Yeeeaaaaaeah. That's us all right. All bitchiness and love wrapped up in unfathomable friendship.

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