Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Loren: Weather bitch

Last night, or technically this morning, I fell asleep with the electric blanket warming my dead cold feet, and woke up sweltering like I was in a body wrap in the Sahara. No, it does not mean that I have freakish body temperature changes, it means that I live in the "four seasons a day" city of Melbourne.

Of course, I don't think I would mind the weather being charmingly unpredictable if I woke up like this:

(I dont remember where I got this photo for...but from now on, I will write down the source to give the source proper credit with extra c.)

Remind self to show above picture to future boyfriend, but only if he is gorgeous enough to pull off the look. If he's not, then why am I dating him anyway? He had better be able to quote Shakespeare upon demand, and re-enact The Godfather series whenever I am feeling in need of a laugh. 

Or at least be able to cook. 

Okay, I've written two entries boy-related, and I promise that I wont write a third for the next few days. I dont want to set a precedent for being "The Sad Girl Who Talks Boys 24/7". I don't know what I'd like to be known for, but "wordy" comes to mind. Make me the Wordy Girl, and I'd start lugging out the dictionaries to catapult at the computer screen.

Speaking of dictionaries, one of my dream gifts is this gigantic dictionary that I've seen in Borders. Its the same dictionary that Rory from the Gilmore Girls received from her father, and its spectacular. Each word entry comes with the standardised pronunciation, usage, definition, etc, but also comes with the translation of the word into latin as well as a thesaurus and origins of the word. How awesome is that?! Of course, the dictionary is in the hundreds price range, and I'm humbly ashamed to say that a pair of shoes or dress triumphs the intellectual purchase any day.

After all,
(Chloe ankle boots.)

Hardly seems fair.

Intelligence can only be noticed when you speak, talk, write, but beauty is easily absorbed with the eye, without the need for speech or even movement. 
(I'm just trying to justify for my shoe addiction. I know its shameful.)

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