Friday, January 23, 2009

Loren: Its like...*points gun to head*


I have a love/hate relationship with Australian brand Camilla & Marc. It used to be pure love, but over the years, hate crept in under ridiculously inflated prices and brand recognition. Though it may sound pompous, but I have followed the brand from their very first collection, and supported them. Ask my bank account. Until recently, I have had at least one dress from every collection, and some still retain their virginal status. They were the first Australian designers that I loved.

Of course, when their brand gained notoriety, they increased their prices. Simple economics. Where once their most expensive dress hit the $400 mark, now it is the baseline of their dresses. Coats are now $ 1,000 plus. With the previous collection, even though I had my eye on one or two of their dresses, I did not succumb to temptation because it hurt to see the brand I had supported trying to milk every penny out of me. So I gave my money towards the expansion of my shoe collection instead, but that's another tale. The truth is, as lovely as their frocks are....most pieces will turn up on ebay by either some entrepreneurial person, or by fans of the brand who have realized that its not worth having a $600 dress which, truthfully, isnt't the most original piece of clothing out there. Or even in australia itself.

The brother-sister duo tend to design the same styles every time, with the differences being the fabric and color. But! I would not want them to change their aesthetic. They once did, the spacey collection, and that was their worst collection. Took ages to move their stock, and most of the pieces ended up in the bargain bin. So let's face it. Their consumers love their brand for what they design, and prefer that they stick to it. In these perilous times, its best that they stick to what sells. It hurts me a little to say this, but C&M aren't known for having an original or fresh point of view in fashion. They have a 'recyclable' view of clothes designed by others, take current trends into consideration, and then churn out their clothes in the same beautiful girlish style.

I believe that if I didn't peruse other fashion collections outside of the local fashion scene, I would look at this collection and just see a pretty, well executed collection. Nothing wrong with that. But after seeing how much pressure foreign designers are under to dream out something remarkably fresh and inspirational every season makes me realize when a particular designer is... ....simply put, in a different league.

But as I said, there is nothing wrong in doing what they are doing. I still love their clothes, hate their prices and enter bidding wars with other girls to get the clothes on ebay. I would probably, maybe, perhaps, after I have seen the fabric in person, get this coat if it doesn't make me look like I am spawning. Or like I have no neck.

Maybe the fault lies with me. If I wasn't such a nitpicker, I wouldn't draw comparisons like seeing -

C&M in Wayne Cooper
C&M in Marnie Skillings and Balmain
C&M in Thurley and a touch of that Prada lace dress

Sigh. Sometimes knowledge really does spoil the simple pleasures in life. 

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