Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Loren: Lively, Likely

Photographed by Mario Testino
The feature article for the latest issue of American Vogue stars actress of Gossip Girls fame, Blake Lively. Honestly, because I don't watch television, I haven't seen a single episode of GG. However, thanks to the marvelous miracle that is the Internet, I know the names Serena van der Whatsomething, Blair Waldorf, Chuck, Nate, Jenny Humphrey...but as to who threw a drink at whom, or whose mom slept with whose boyfriend, or who choked on her piece of fruit in her pina colada - I have absolutely no idea. 

I do know of Blake Lively from the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, one of the movies that Sister Kyssa has impressed upon me and managed to make me watch. Its not often that she manages to make me watch/read or something she wants me to, but the combination of her woeful face with that slight tinge of disappointment and an aftertaste of disapproval made me watch the movie. and then read the book. 

Miss Lively has grown up since then, it was a short leap from playing an emotionally troubled soccer player to an emotionally troubled miss socialite, many great photoshoots (the one in the billowing Lanvin dress? Aah.) and now this beautiful photoshoot in Vogue. The entire shoot is very typical of American Vogue, done up in 'Old Hollywood' style, photographed in a luxurious suburban house, deep red lipstick, beauty marks made classical looking, and artistically curled hair falling in waves around her face. Its typical, but hey, I still enjoy looking at it. 

It also does not hurt that its photographed by the fantastic Mario Testino. I mean, he took this shot of Jake Gyllenhaal....which...really doesn't mean anything, just that I wanted an excuse to put his picture here. Time to dine. Yum.

*wipes mouth on sleeve*
Oh, and you can check out the other photos from the shoot on right now.

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