Saturday, January 31, 2009

Loren: Smoocheroonies.

This Spring 2009 campaign for Acquascutum was shot by the quirky whimsical Tim Walker, who collaborated with set designer, Shona Heath to come up with the idea of kissing couples dressed in the brand's bestsellers.

My first thought was "Awww..."
Followed by "Yay! Tim Walker!"
Ending with "Hmmm...."

The 'hmmm' has nothing to do with the photographer or the brand, but what the models are doing. Kissing. It makes me wonder about actors and models, who are required as their job dictates, to perform intimate acts with a virtual stranger....and look like they are enjoying it. Genuinely.

Personally, I don't know if I would be able to do such a thing. (I probably would be able to, after numerous jobs.) I don't know whether I am a prude, or merely conservative, but it probably stems from my original dislike of being touched by people. Have I told you how it came to be?

I'll try to spare you the finer details, but basically, through the entirety of my childhood my mother tended to punish me in creative ways. The weirdest part is after the beating, she'll insist on getting a hug from me to show her that I had 'forgiven her'. If I didn't seem sincere, or willing, another beating was given. Its safe to say that ever since then, I distrusted anyone who tried to hug me or touch me. Over the years, I have gotten (somewhat) better with the people I love but it still doesn't stop me from getting the heebie-jeebies when I see photos like the one above.

People say that "a kiss is just a kiss", but it is the most intimate thing for me. Well, sex is supposed to be - but its a different form of intimacy. With lips, you use them to express your feelings, form your words, even to signal breath. A kiss allows the other person to come close, enter your personal space, and share breath. With something like that, I admire those who are brought up in families that give away kisses freely and lovingly, and I am confused by those who exchange kisses with strangers so easily.

A kiss, a true kiss of love, is a lovely thing to experience. After you've had it, do you want to have meaningless kisses instead? Or does it make it easier to kiss nobodies because you've already kissed somebody before? Maybe I should close my eyes and conduct an experiment to let you know. Hah! That about as likely to happen as being invited to a Chanel fashion show.

Now I don't know if I am a prude, a weirdo or a romantic. 
Is it possible to be all three?

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