Saturday, January 31, 2009

Loren: Stop paddling in my sea!

There is this fashion blog I have been following, and its always a visual pleasure to see what this 16?17? year old girl manages to put together as outfits. Its pretty easy to be envious and jealous of this Texan native but to be completely fair, I don't know whether personally she has encountered any problems in life, although if you judge from her blog, it seems like her greatest blemish in life is the height of heels restriction that her school has implemented.  Still, lets go through what we do know about her. She's young, pretty, has a former fashion designer mother, and is able to share a wardrobe with a mother whose tastes are unlike any regular mother that I know of. Plus, it seems like her mother allows her every now and then to get really awesome shoes...and for a shoe fanatic like myself, its enough to make me break out into jealous hives. 

She has two(?) pairs of these Martin Margiela open toed boots, which kills me because they are one of the five shoes I can never forget about and will always want to have. She also has another pair that is on my list, the Chloe Poseidons. 

Its extremely presumptuous of myself to say this, but Jane of Sea of shoes and I have such similar tastes (especially in shoes), that she could be what they call my internet soulmate. Or maybe she should be my internet sole-mate. Apart from her fantastic shoe collection, she has a family who understands and supports her tastes...and as cliched as it is, having that makes such a huge difference in your life. I should know. I definitely do not have one of those.

Everytime Jane posts her new shoe target or purchase, I have to make a call to Tilly to wail about "Jane stealing my shoes!" Okay, I know it isn't founded. And it just happens to be the luck of the draw that some people have happy lives, and other's don't.  Still, just when I my heart swooned at the sight of these shoes, I find that jane has beaten me to the punch. Again.
Oh well. Can't fault her taste, right?

Chances are, even though I love them, and I didnt manage to get the original MMM open toed boots, Jane will beat me to the punch in getting these shoes. Sigggghhh. Maybe she will become my friend and we can exchange shoes every now and then. A long distance swapping system! Heh. A girl can dream.

I don't want to feel like I am simply following in her footsteps when it comes to taste in shoes, so I'll quickly post the pics of these two pairs that I like as well.

(Above) Givenchy lace heels(Below) Golden Goose studded boots

Surprisingly, I am looking towards black colored shoes for my next addition. Hmm....maybe the mentality of the recession is getting to me as well. No more flashy or bright colors to draw people attention, but black as a sign of mourning. Well, I'm sure that bank accounts are having a mass mourning period, at least. Excluding Jane's, of course. 

Ah, Loren, jealousy is casts such an adorable gray pallor on you.

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