Thursday, January 22, 2009

Loren: Dodging bullets

When I came across this, I thought of Tilly's latest Obamafied statement, "I must get myself an Obama t-shirt. Faux pas or not." and decided to post this photo of Jennifer Morrison for her. (even though the reasons why she likes Obama are, err, suspect.) If she did decide to wear the shirt with a sharp tuxedo pants suit, I suppose I would be able to keep quiet and add a weak thumbs up of approval. Am I earning friendship points or what?

Other Obama related news, if you were watching the inauguration ceremony, and were chewing your nails in anxiety from the moment he stepped out of the Presidential 'beast' limo, wondering why wasn't he swamped over with Secret Services men, or at least put in a bullet proof bubble....fret not. Apparently he wore a special suit. No, there wasn't any red cape attached to the suit, but rather it was made out of the same material Kevlar vests are made out of. Except they use only the denser strands of the material to weave into the clothing, which mean that its probably stronger than a normal Kevlar vest. Yep, Pesident Obama wore a classy suit to his inauguration that was bullet proof. Its a surprise, considering that it looked...well, sharp enough to be worn by Bruce Wayne. (Yeah, I'm in a super-heroes reference mood.)

While it has yet to be confirmed on the designer behind this special garment, speculations point towards Colombian designer Miguel Caballero best known for his super tough and flexible, yet business appropriate clothing. Of course, the price for his garments are dear, but dishing out $7, 500 for a polo shirt that can stop a shot from a 9-mm revolver is probably worth it. So, you can breathe easy. Let's just hope that he starts wearing bullet-proof sunscreen daily as well.

(PS: On a side note, if you read the comments made on the webpage, there seems to be a lively discussion about the existence, history and production of 9-mm revolvers. I don't encounter ordinary people who have an extensive knowledge of firearms, and as controversial a subject that it is, I think learning about firearms will probably be a benefit. Perhaps simply because it is controversial.)

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