Friday, January 30, 2009

tilly: Hunger Strikes

I don’t think I have heard Loren so desperate for food before.  Every second line of our gchat was Pizza.  She REALLY wanted Pizza.  See how Pizza starts with a capital?  That was how important it was.  It almost was God like. 

And I admit I was absolutely frustrated with myself.  Here I was, nearly a million miles away (yes, I exaggerate) and hearing my dear friend dying from hunger was killing.  There was no way I could get food to her in time.  Then it dawned on me what Matt once exclaimed, that he could order pizza online and then just wait for it to come.


Ok, half eureka.  I had to start looking for online pizza places.  And I was hoping like hell that they would accept a New Zealand credit card.  I mean heck, Australia was as similar as New Zealand right?  Yea right.

Anyway, Loren finally said that Domino’s does online ordering.  So I went ahead and did it.  This is the end result.  See that dial on the right, tells you the status of your order in real-time. Pretty cool I say!

However, the acute smartness of Loren thought she’d better give the store a call just in case because the website explicitly wrote that the credit card MUST BE SIGHTED.  I did tell Loren that we can do a webcam of the credit card if need be.  Apparently it was hard for the guy over the phone to understand a kindly (ahem!  Me!) friend across the ditch is ordering pizza for her friend.  Accordingly, there was a long pause.

2 deterrents happened after.

1.       The address was incorrect.

2.       The mobile number was incorrect.

I promise that I did not intend for that to happen!!!  I really wanted Loren to have that Pizza!!! But I seem to be rather inept at ordering online and with Loren’s address and phone number. Hey, as long as I can get to her on MY phone, who really cares?!

And at the end, I heard the satisfying of Loren crunching on fresh lettuce from her Caesar Salad.

Sweet dreams!

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